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Welcome to the NFL draft
This is how I would approach the 2013 Draft if I were the Buffalo Bills. Please comment if you have any questions or if you disagree. Enjoy!
Round 1 Manti Te’o (ILB, Notre Dame)
If Jarvis Jones falls, take him immediately. Assuming that won’t happen, Manti is the guy. Yes, the National Championship was not good for him. He looked sluggish and unprepared, but then again so was the rest of Notre Dame (zing!). Notre Dame simply was not prepared, either offensively or defensively, for the game, and that is not Manti’s problem. A linebacker is the biggest need on defense, and that should be addressed immediately. Any quarterback taken at the 8 spot will be way too early.
Round 2 Ryan Nassib (QB, Syracuse)
Okay Bills fans, here is our future franchise quarterback. There will be no learning curve if we draft Nassib, and that is perfect for the Bills, since they really don’t have time for excuses anymore. He is tall enough (6’2), strong enough. and accurate enough. He has enough speed to run away from a sack for a positive gain. He is a great decision maker and makes few mistakes. I have watched game film from more than a few of his games this season, and I have good notes and bad notes. The really only bad note I have is that his outside passes from about 20 yards out are a little erratic, but an NFL wideout can make most of the catches that Nassib’s receivers cannot. I have the utmost faith that Nassib will be the best solution for the Bills’ quarterback problems this offseason, whether through the draft or free agency.
Round 3 Justin Hunter (WR, Tennessee)
Stevie Johnson is an incredible route runner, probably the best in the NFL. But he is not a number 1 receiver. If you look around the NFL, the most successful number 1 receivers are tall and fast; for example, Calvin Johnson, Roddy White (and Julio Jones), AJ Green, etc. Well, that mold fits well with Justin Hunter, and he will probably be there in the 3rd round. He was hurt his Junior year, which hurts his draft stock. However, he is 6’4 and runs a pretty fast 40 time. He will be a great deep threat who is not strictly raw talent (cough cough TJ Graham) and will be able to take pressure away from Stevie.
Round 4
James Morris (OLB, Iowa). The Bills need another linebacker who is good against the run. Morris had 113 tackles this past season with 9 tackles for a loss. I think he would be a great addition to the Bills’ defense as he is a consistent player, something our defense definitely needs.
Round 5
Ryan Otten (TE, San Jose St.) There is a lot of depth as far as TEs go, so I expect Otten to drop to the 5th round. He has had great production in his college career and, as seen in New England and Indianapolis, the two TE system works great for the pro style offense.
Round 6
Dustin Hopkins (K, Florida St.) For whatever reason, Chan Gailey did not trust Ryan Lindell this past offseason. Though it may be because Gailey was a moron when it came to difficult decisions, something tells me that distrust was because of something. Lindell is getting old and is definitely not a timeless kicker like Vinatieri or Akers. Hopkins has a strong foot and could be a trustworthy late-game kicker.

With these moves, I think the Bills could have multiple impact rookie players on the field next season.

I’ve attached a short clip of Doug Marrone’s initial press conference with the Bills.

The one thing that I like most about Doug Marrone is that he has the ability to inspire this Buffalo Bills team. His past two jobs have been with perennial losers turned successful teams (New Orleans and Syracuse). This is an extremely powerful things, for one very important reason. You can have as much talent as you could possibly want on a team, but if they do not trust a coaching system or trust the coach, that talent is wasted. Take a look at the Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid was given a ton of talent, but he did not use the players correctly and the players did not trust his scheme. That obviously has not taken them very far the past couple years. Also, on another note, Marrone is also beginning to interview some high profile coordinators, including Mike Pettine, DC for the Jets. Since his contract expires in February, this might be a good opportunity for the Bills to land a nice DC, as Marrone said in his interview that he will not be directly calling the plays on either side of the ball. This could be very appealing to future coordinators. It seems as if the dynamic in Orchard Park is changing, and a new culture is on its way.



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So judging from the poll I posted, I’m getting the vibe that a lot of people don’t really know that much about Doug Marrone. So, I thought I’d give everyone a little more information about him. Marrone is an alumnus of Syracuse University. He played offensive line. He played for a few years in the NFL, but nothing to call home about as it wasn’t that long of a career. He was an offensive line coach for Herm Edwards when he was in New York. From there he was the Offensive Coordinator in New Orleans for 3 years. He then went back to his alma mater in the hopes of turning around a truly horrible team. In the seven years before Marrone arrived, Syracuse had a record of 26-57. After his fourth year, Syracuse had a record during his tenure of 25-25 and finished this year with a tie for the Big East title (and an 8-5 record). Now, here is one thing about Doug Marrone. Avoid his record, please! Recruiting takes time to take effect, and his first recruiting class was starting to pay off. Syracuse also isn’t known for getting the best recruits. I haven’t heard a single NFL analyst say that Marrone will be anything less than a great coach, from Herm Edwards to Brian Billick to local radio guys. As Brian Billick says, “He brings that pedigree that’s kind of popular now, a substantial pro background with that mix of college.” Believe it or not, that’s what people have wanted. He has enough NFL experience without a thought of being considered a retread, as well as being an offensive-minded college coach. If you think about it, he’s exactly what Buffalo fans have wanted…

Doug Marrone